PLAYHOUSE was established in 2005 by Dabbas family on the other side from their house in Abu Dhabi, after they were unable to find childcare to match their exacting standards. It now has over 7 years of experience in operating children nursery. Playhouse provides quality childcare via well located and maintained nursery.

Director’s Message

Dear Parents

Do you remember when you were two or three years old? You probably have some vague memories along with a few vivid recollections. Regardless, the preschool age is a time to cherish the simplicity of life and at the same time encounter the most rapid period of learning. We consider it a privilege to partner with you in your child’s education. Yes, we are a little but with a big mission and an enthusiastic love for children and families. The philosophy of our program is based on the understanding of the way children learn. Children learn by doing in order to make sense of their world. Young children’s minds and bodies are in constant motion. At the PLAYHOUSE, children are encouraged to explore and share their ideas by talking to peers and teachers. Play is also an important component of the program as a vehicle for learning and creative thought

Another factor that makes the PLAYHOUSE so special is its current curriculum that is based on the most recent research in the field of child development and early childhood education.
We are proud of our accomplishments and that’s why we invite each of you to visit us.

Warm regards,
Maria Roje
General Manager

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